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KaiKai Session
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KaiKai Session

What we are about? 

Outside of the gender binary, there are several ways to think about gender in the Pacific. Some terms for gender identities used in the Pacific include

M for Mahu in Tahiti and Hawai'i.

V for Vaka sa lewa lewa in Fiji.

P for Palopa in Papua New Guinea.

F for Fa'afafine in Samoa and American Samoa.

A for Akava'ine in the Cook Islands.

F for Fakaleiti or leiti in the Kingdom of Tonga.

F for Fakafifine in Niue.


, and “ Phylesha Brown-Acton.”  However, terms to represent other members of the LGBTQiA+ communities do not yet exist.

The NUOWTR Mai Le Moana Trust is dedicated to providing a safe environment for participants who identify as “MVPFAFF+, Takatāpui and LGBTQiA+ of the Moana.” To raise awareness of gender-diverse needs, to provide knowledge based on gender identity, and to provide assistance to other organisations that work with Pacific rainbow children, youth, and adults. We take a more culturally inclusive approach to ensure that our participants retain their cultural identity and practices.

We are happy to have a great relationship with Rainbow Youth Wellington to assist in providing resources and help in regards to all our rainbow Pasifika communities here in Porirua. This partnership will solely focus on developing our own resources and approaches for Pasifika and Maori families and their children who identify as MVPFAFF+, Takatāpui and LGBTQiA+.


  1. Workshops that allow collaboration for the rainbow community in Health, HIV prevention, Suicide awareness. 

  2. Introduction to the Arts and Creativity initiatives such as sewing, dance, costume making, and more.

  3. Regular talanoa sessions and collaboration with other rainbow community members.

  4. Attending the regional Fono Fa’afafine, and Hui Takatāpui which are held annually.

  5. Parental support and advocacy to assist with parents who are seeking advice or information. 



If the shoe fits celebrates fourteen members of Porirua and wider Wellington’s Māori and Pasifika rainbow communities. This exhibition uses shoes as a metaphoric and literal representation of the stories and experiences of MVPFAFF+, Takatāpui, and LGBTQIA+ communities.

If the shoe fits was developed and curated by Sevia (Saviiey) Saviour Nua. Saviiey is a Fa’afafine with ancestral ties to the Sāmoan villages of Malie, Faleula and Asau on her mother’s side and Solosolo and Fagali’i on her father’s side. She was raised in Porirua and is driven by the need to create spaces within Porirua where MVPFAFF+ communities can gather and create.

We are grateful to Alofa Aiono ,Cheyenne Eriha Jacob Ioapo, Hillary Kahaki, Paris Kaitai, Ginny Maxwell, Saviiey Nua, Selena Pirika, Mina Ruaporo, Masi Smith, Luchiano Tuioti, EJ Tupolu, Sella Vaoliko and Leilani Visesio for sharing their stories and their shoes, and thank Hillary Kahaki (photographer) and Matelagi Nua (videographer), who helped artistically realise this Kaupapa. 


If the shoe fits is the result of the inaugural Aniva Arts Residency, funded by Creative New Zealand through the Pacific Arts Strategy 2018 - 2023.

Pataka Art Museum, Porirua

17 December 2021 until 20 February 2020
Now Closed

Kings & kweens

The fictional ball



By Doron Semu




In 2022, Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust hosted our first retreat for our LGBTQIA+, Rainbow, MVPFAFF community 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️. The purpose of this retreat was for our Rainbow community to come together create, connect and build relationships but to also promote positive wellbeing.

We were lucky enough to have people travel all the way from Auckland and Gisborne join us at this retreat. This has made us realise that we should make this accessible to everyone across NZ.

In saying that, we are bringing back the Kings and Kweenz retreat for 2023. This is an open invitation to all our MVPFAFF+/LGBTQIA+/Rainbow identifying Kings & Kweenz (age 18+) from around New Zealand to join us at this year's retreat in Wellington.

The Kings and Kweenz retreat is a four-day event

where we will be holding

📌 Workshops
📌 Panel Group Discussions
📌 Big Sissy
📌 Games
📌 Entertainment & much more!

You can register now using the link in our bio.

Kings & Kweenz 4-day Retreat 
🗓️ April 20th to April 23rd, 2023
📍Pipitea Marae, 55 Thorndon Quay Wellington 6011.

Full retreat video:

For more information, please visit our website:

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