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Moana Creatives is what we know as “The House of Pacific Entertainment and art”. Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust promotes cultural arts participation whether in dance, language or costume and creatives. Culture is of high importance in the Porirua Community.


NUOWTR Mai Le Moana Trust are privileged to be partnered with other local organisations that offer great programmes for kids/youth/adults of Porirua. We offer a range after-hour programmes that focus on Music, Cultural Dance, Cultural Arts. These all range from our Tamariki, to college/youth, and Seniors members at different starting times.  

“Arts and culture are not a ‘nice to have’. They are an essential part of our individual, community and national identity. For too long they have been treated differently when it comes to sustainable growth, career paths and economic benefits,” says Jacinda Ardern.

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Please refer to our Social Media accounts of our current programmes that have been established and running since 2013

current work


Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā (Seniors)

Newly established senior kapa haka group representing Porirua East. Entered the regional competitions in 2020. 

Practices: Thursday Night 

Time: 5.30pm - 8.30pm 


Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā (Secondary)

NUOWTR Tutors currently tutor Porirua College Kapa Haka since 2013. They have entered 3 regional campaigns today and continue to represent Kura Auraki at a standard of excellence.


These are held afterschool's normally on Wednesday.  However we do have other practices listed below. 

Practices: Thursday Night 

Time: 5.30pm - 8.30pm 


Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā (Babies)

NUOWTR tutors currently host their own babies practices. They also provide a service to assist with local primary schools with tutoring on request. 


Practices: Every Thursday 

Time: 5.00pm - 5.30pm

PRojects coming soon


Māmā and Pāpās Moana Creatives

Creative and material arts is highly important to our Pacific community and this service offers all creatives interested in design to collaborate or to learn. To come together to learn more about each other's crafts/arts that have been passed down from generations. Involving our youth of Porirua to develop a sense of knowledge in creative art forms from the pacific, but to also learn from the teachings of our elders. 

Subjects: Creative Arts, Language. Gafa/Family Tree and Cultural knowledga. 

Age Groups:


Currently offered in May 2022

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Cultural Dance Workshop Initiatives.

Cultural dance is important to our communities and is something we are known to provide participants with confident and knowledge of their identities. Promoting workshops for those who want to re-engage with their culture. 

Currently offered in 2022

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Pasifika Contemporary Work.

Contemporary arts is a unique way for our peoples to deliver cultural content. Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres. In this case focusing solely on Pacific stories and adventures.  

Currently offered in 2022

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The Deception of my Reflection
Mina Ruaporo

The Deception of My Reflection is a new dance production developed and choreographed by recent Whitireia graduate Mina Ruaporo. The work centres on Ruaporo’s experience of living life as a akava'ine. Told across six vignettes, The Deception of My Reflection traces the various realities and emotions experienced by our Pacific queer communities. Unapologetic and proud, this debut production shines the theatre lights on the experiences and talents of our performing artists practising here in Porirua.

Featuring Alisha Mitchell, Pokotea Ruaporo, Mina Ruaporo, Texas Nootai, Luchi Tuioti, EJ Tupolo, Nani Kirk, Glynnis Tatuava.

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