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Homework Club 

NUOWTR Mai Le Moana Trust have been offering homework and study classes for our local communities now for 1 year. Most homework clubs focus on the secondary school students only. However, we believe to broaden this to our University, Tertiary, Wananga students. We are honored to have amazing team of qualified educators who are volunteering their time to help our youth. 


We have been fortunate enough to have offered space to facilitate this workshop in 2021. Due to COVID-19 we have postponed all our homework clubs.


Updates will be made on our Social Media Pages.

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Losaline Tupou


We are Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust, a community organization where  in May 2023 we teamed up with Digifale and organisation that is based up in Auckland in which they deliver and dedicate their time to empower the Elderly on the use of Digital Technology. The mission is to bridge the digital divide and provide access to technology and digital literacy training for the elderly population. Through the programs and initiatives, we aim to enhance their quality of life, foster social connections, and enable them to fully participate in the digital age. Thank you to Digifale and Moana Connect for providing us with this opportunity to be able to deliver this programme in our Community.