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Pacific and Māori art combination tha discribes name of trust

Le Malaga o Moanaroa

The journey of the Pacific

Designed by Anthony Paaka from AntisGraphicz
Designed By Anthony Paaka from AntisGraphicz
Staff at Le Malaga o Moanaroa
Blessing The Hub
Family & Friends
Blessing The Hub
Tāmihana Katene
Mayor, Pastor and Faletua and our community
Family & Friends
Havaiki Kai
Inside Out & Rainbow Youth
Havaiki Kai
Family & Friends
Pastor Etuale and Wife Sa Brown with Chairman Saviiey and her Mother Talalaina
Fuamai Moekaa (Nuku Ora) & Chairman Saviiey Nua
Rainbow Youth
Ginny Maxwell (Owner of Hiwa)


First established in 2013 as a Māori Performing Arts/Kapa Haka group to now a Charitable Organisation and Trust to generate community inclusion for both Pasifika and Māori in Porirua and the wider Wellington region.


The opening of Le Malaga o Moanaroa, a new youth hub took place on the 11 of February 2022 at Waitangirua Mall in Porirua, New Zealand. The name Le Malaga o Moanaroa is about everyone connecting and coming together through the ocean in which our staff members came up with the name. Our staff members came up with the name Le Malaga o Moanaroa, which means "everyone connecting and coming together through the ocean." Our team thought the name was a good fit for what we intended to offer, which is to connect our community together to make your, their, and our dreams come true, in other words, to give back.


Saviiey Nua, Chairman and Director of Le Malaga o Moanaroa had mentioned on the day of the opening “ Our hub doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the youth (who come to the building). It is not up to us to decide whether it is a safe space, they (Youth) create their own safe space with their presence, connecting with others and making the hub theirs. 

Ngā Uri o Whiti Te Rā Mai Le Moana Trust provides a Hāpori Fale (Youth Hub) to empower young people through skills acquiring programs to discover their full potential which focuses on Pasifika and Māori Rangatahi from Porirua.

Our establishment focuses on four key areas:

1. MVPFAFF+ (which stands for: Mahu Vahine (Tahitian), Mahu Wahine (Hawaiian), Palopa (Papua New  Guinea), Fa’afafine (Samoan), Fakaleiti (Tongan), Akava’ine (Cook Islands Māori), Fiafifine (Niuean). and Takatāpui, Whakawahine of the Moana

2.   Flourishing Garden of Knowledge (Education based)

3.   Moana Creatives (Cultural and Creative Arts)

4.   Community Service

“I tell everyone who comes through the door that they are the future. Everything they learn can be passed on to the next generation. They are important,” says Saviiey. It is Saviiey’s hope that through gaining knowledge and connection with their cultural roots, visitors will have a better sense of their identity and what they can achieve in the world.  

A Clip of what our building looked like before and after.  Most of the work was done by our Staff, Family Friends and our kids. 

Donate Today! Help our Rangatahi/Autalavou reach their goals, aspirations and success in life. We really appreciate it!



MVPFAFF+ of the Moana

Initiatives and workshops for the MVPFAFF+ and LGBTQiA+ communities. 

Flourishing garden of knowledge

Current Educational programmes hosted by NUOWTR Mai Le Moana


Moana Creatives

Moana Creatives represents all artforms and practices of  Te Moana nui a kiwa.  


Community Service

Community service is where we display how we give back to community through service and participation. 

Social Media



3 Niagara Street, Shop 16, Waitangirua Mall,

Porirua, New Zealand, 5024

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